A Good Day For Choice

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Nanny State Soda Ban Proposal Declared an Overreach of Executive Power On Tuesday, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s soda ban hit yet another road block. In a decision by the Fire Department of the Appellate Division stated in their opinion that the arbitrary and egregious ban ”violated the state principle of separation of powers.” The Appellate Court’s decision reaffirms an earlier decision by  New York State Supreme...

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We’re Delivering In Your Community

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Pepsi Beverages Company Hosts Georgia Congressman Tom Graves (R-GA14) in Rome Facility Earlier this month, U.S. Representative Tom Graves (R-GA14) toured the Pepsi Beverages Company’s facility in Rome, Georgia. On the facility tour, the north Georgia Congressman was briefed on PepsiCo’s Georgia operations,the 4,000+ Georgia jobs created by the Company and the Rome facility’s commitment to the local community.   Coca-Cola...

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